Martin Quack – Peacebuilding & Humanitarian Policy
Martin Quack – Peacebuilding & Humanitarian Policy
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Peacebuilding and humanitarian action in international conflicts are becoming ever more important. The roles of the respective actors are very different. However, both fields must be based on clear values. They require good concepts and expertise and benefit from dialogue between a range of actors from the field and academia, state and civil society, and from different parts of the world.

I advise and support aid organisations and other international actors to this end with studies, dialogue and networking, as well as with workshops and conferences and evaluations. I combine political causes with academic rigour and I support the collaboration of a range of actors seeking to achieve common objectives.

From my work:

The Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) in Berlin is officially founded by Maecenata Foundation, Caritas Germany, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and MSF. CHA is aiming at strong analyses, solid debates and a better understanding of humanitarian action. And we look forward to cooperating with other humanitarian actors.

„Conflicts within Europe and the Civil Peace Service - the case of Kosovo“ - lecture and workshop at Karl von Frisch High School, Dußlingen with a report in the newspaper Schwäbisches Tagblatt.

Course on humanitarian action at Tübingen University summer term 2018.