Martin Quack – Peacebuilding & Humanitarian Policy
Martin Quack – Peacebuilding & Humanitarian Policy
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About me

I am a political scientist with a focus on International Relations and peace and conflict research. In my work as a freelance consultant, I can draw on my experience in the fields of conflict transformation, development, human rights and humanitarian action in Germany and abroad. I am familiar with the perspectives of NGOs, church agencies, state actors and their international partners.

Humanitarian action needs analysis, debate and must be communicated in political and public discussions. Therefore I was co-founding the Berlin based Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) from 2016 to 2018. I coordinated the founding process, authored a study on the humanitarian landscape in Germany and edited the book “Based on need alone?”.

As a social scientist, I combine political causes with academic rigour and social science methods. I look forward to making my own contribution to reducing the considerable gap between academia and the field.

Facilitating the cooperation between different actors for joint causes is something I am particularly interested in. I set great store by joint goals, clear roles and well-structured processes.

The climate crisis escalates humanitarian needs and political conflicts. Therefore I advocate for much stronger climate protection. Personally, I avoid flights as much as possible and compensate remaining flights with Klima-Kollekte.

It is a privilege for me to be able to work in these important political fields and I am always looking forward to learning myself in the process.